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Dive Sites of Abu Dhabi 2015 PDF Print E-mail

Dive Sites of Abu Dhabi


Divers have been asking about the dive sites of Abu Dhabi. There has not been a very detailed summary of the dive sites further along the western region. Our goal is to highlight some nice diving areas but also to build awareness to reduce and mitigate any negative impacts on the diving and natural habitats off Abu Dhabi waters. We also wish for everyone to take precautionary measures to protect our fragile environment and report any negative impacts to the AbU Dhabi authority if you see any. We can all make a difference.

 Project Aware has some great guidelines for all sea lovers including snorkellers and divers to follow to reduce any negative imapcts on our precious environment..




General overview map of dive sites of Abu Dhabi


We will be updating this very soon as we upload the site description (finally) for the sites in the western region also. It is exciting times as our crew explores and discover more dive sites across the coastal area of Abu Dhabi.




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