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Al Mahara Diving Center in Abu Dhabi is proud to be an Official Partner of Project Aware. This means we are committed to sustainable business practices year round. Make an informed choice next time you dive and dive with eco-operators around the world who are also Project Aware Official Partners because we care about the future of our oceans.


As divers and marine enthusiasts we are prvileged to experience the wonders of the aquatic realm and therefore, we have a greater responsiblity to protect this environment. We are often first to recognise the problems facing underwater ecosystems, speak out on their behalf, rally others to do the same and get invloved in conservation projects. We also need to take action and every precaution to AVOID any negative impacts on these environment. Below are some great links on how we can do our part to take responsiblity for our actions as ambassadors of the sea.


Best practises

Ten Ways a Diver Can Protect the Underwater Environment: Download and take action and be a responsible diver.

Ten Tips for Underwater Photographers: Download and share photography tips to help protect the delicate aquatic environment and take beautiful shots.

Respect Our wrecks: Wrecks are part of our cultural heritage and maritime history and can be important habitats for fish and other aquatic life. It is important we preserve these wrecks for future generations and treat the wrecks with respect.

ECO Operators Guideline: Our pledge to be eco-friendly and use best practises to protect our environment


AWARE Specialty Courses


Reporting Activities that is negatively impacting our marine and coastline

If you like to report any activities that is negatively impacting the marine environment please send us an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will do our best to assist and forward the information to the appropriate competent authority.




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