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Tony navarro madrid  2015-04-14 15:12:09
Cuando una botella no es suficiente...... Si estas interesado en estos cursos puedes ponerte en contacto conmigo
Mario Nuccioni  2014-09-27 12:55:39
TecDiverZdenek  2012-05-04 23:12:44
This is so funny ... :-) I am Tec instruktor and when I am watching this promo guys I am loughing my ass of ... :-) they all belong to the pool session for basics of buoyancy and I am not talking about their equipment ... lol ... those lights ... hehehehe
Dustin Howie  2012-07-26 05:19:36
not sure if this video makes me want to become a tec diver or an 80's hair metal band member.

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