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Let the Al Mahara Professional Development Team start you on your journey as a PADI Professional or help you to progress through the ranks of PADI Professionals.  Led by our own resident PADI Course Director Kathleen Russell, you will be allocated one of our team of experienced PADI Instructors who will become your personal "Scuba Sensei" and take you through the life changing experience of taking up leadership roles in the diving industry.

See link to Personal Pictures and Short Bio Notes:

Kathleen Russell PADI Course Director has been teaching since 1996. As an experienced PADI Course Director, she has developed and trained many PADI instructors and divers throughout the years. Her focus is to develop high standard of PADI Instructors and PADI Pro's. She has taught and dived in many oceans and seas and lakes around the world. Her passion is to teach others to dive and become the best they can in and around water.



Peter Mainka PADI Master Instructor has been diving since the 80's and teaches PADI courses in both English and German. He has taught many IDC candidates and PADI Assistant Instructors and Divemasters. If he's not teaching, he will be underwater with his amazing camera system shooting around the world in the underwater kingdom.



News & Events

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Join us for activities on World Ocean Day 8th June 2017 (Abu Dhabi)


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New watersports aunched at Khalidiyah Palace Hotel! Come and discover the water adventures we have to offer to beat the heat in Abu Dhabi.


Al Mahara finishes 2nd place in ITU Triathlon relay

Congratulations to Al Mahara team finishing 2nd place in the ITU Triathlon last week