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Recall on HP Braided hoses PDF Print E-mail

Trident Diving Equipment distributed                                                      (19th April 2013)


We have been notified by the hose manufacturer that they have initiated a Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC)
Recall for high pressure hoses that they manufactured during the certain date code ranges listed below. 

The failure mode is; that the hose can burst / detach at the crimp fitting that attaches to the first stage. 
When or if this occurs breathing air/gas is let out of the tank at an uncontrolled rate and may result in severe injury or death due to drowning.
Note this recall applies only to the specific lots of Braided  (HP) High-Pressure SCUBA hoses . This recall does NOT affect other hoses such as:  Low pressure regulator hoses, Rubber HP hoses and BCD inflator hoses
Rather than wait for the CPSC recall to go into effect, and while only a very small number of hoses have actually been returned with this defect,  we are proceeding with an abundance of caution to notify all retail Trident accounts  and consumers who may have purchased these hoses to do the following:

Examine the male end of your BRAIDED high pressure hose (male fitting that screws into the regulator first stage).  If the hex (on the male end) is stamped with a manufacturing date code (see picture above)(and date stamps below)
A return form should be filled out and hose or male hose end sent in to Trident.

This only involves BRAIDED HP (High Pressure) hoses with the following date stamps that are located on the male hose end on the hex head fitting;

The following manufacturing date codes are being recalled for replacement: 

T0811, T0911, T1011, T1111, T1211, T0112, T0212


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